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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Help me win zip lining tickets! Vote for my story!

Many of you reading this will know, I am a bucket list junkie. New experiences are what fuel me, like what coffee, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine do for others. I have 39 bucket lists, for everything from food to countries to books to read. Two years ago I made myself a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 days. You can read this list by clicking the link on this page. If you do, you will see Zipline and Tree Canopy Exploration on the list. I've been working for two years to achieve this goal, but paying the fees on top of a hotel room for the night and gas for driving to Austin have held me back. Now I have less than a year to complete this goal and my heart is set on it.
 Let me let you in on a secret - I'm terrified of heights. I can't even stand on the edge of a balcony without panicking. But I also love to push myself to face my fears. I felt the fear when I rode in the race car at 135 MPH, when I flew a plane, and when I was on top of the Ferris wheel. I will feel it when I hold a tarantula as well. But it's a good fear, you know, when you push yourself to new levels and achieve things you didn't think you were capable of before. You master yourself, even for a few moments. If you haven't tried it, I recommend doing so. As scared as I am, I want so much to stand atop the trees, feeling the breeze blow past me, causing me to sway as I remind myself not to look down. Feeling a little dizzy when I ignore the internal warning and look down anyway. I will keep my eyes open and cherish the maddening rush as my stomach leaps into my throat and I fill with glorious adrenaline as I'm pushed off my perch and set free to fly.
If you can find just a moment to vote for me to win these passes, understand that you won't be giving me a nice day out and a little fun, you will be feeding the essence of my soul. You will be getting me two steps further to completing my 101 Things before the deadline. You will give me a new experience to hold inside me forever. You will give me the keys to be master of myself by facing a new fear. No one could appreciate it more.

Marsha Roberts - Houston Bucket Lister