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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kick Your Bucket List up a Notch

Nothing can compare to the feeling of ticking another box off the old bucket list, but what about when the list starts running low? There are endless things to do out there, whether you’re looking for a crazy new experience close to home or you want to make a big jump and travel the world to find something new and exciting to try out there. I’ve already got a list of achievable ideas for your bucket lists, but these are more specific ideas and possibly slightly crazier ones that may be less achievable, but definitely just as much fun to complete.
If you’ve already tried snowboarding and loved the thrill of soaring down a mountainside with only a board strapped to your feet, why not try a slightly more extreme way to slide with volcano boarding? In truth, it’s more like sledging on hot coals, but you’ll reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour with only a flimsy board beneath you. The most popular destination for this is definitely far flung, at Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, but definitely worth the trip if you can do it. The volcano itself is still live - it erupted last in 1999 – so will be the ultimate thrill ride for adrenaline junkies. Run by a company called Bigfoot, the $29 price tag will get you transportation up the volcano, all the safety equipment you’ll need, beer and a cookie on arrival, and a mojito on the journey back.
The infamous Cliff Walk on Hu Shan Mountain in Xian, China, is certainly another popular bucket list idea for thrill seekers – watch this to see just how death defying it can be! Trekking more than 6800 feet above the solid earth below, you’ll reach the point at which you must traverse a series of rickety wooden planks more than a half a mile above the ground on a vertical cliff face. To say it’s a dizzying feat of strong nerves is an understatement! Those that complete it though will be rewarded with not only the most amazing sense of accomplishment, but some of the most stunning views the natural world has to offer.
If you’re looking for something just as terrifying, but want to be able to stay close to home, parachuting and sky diving are the easiest ways to get your fix and get checking things off your list. There are places all over the world to try out this sport as a tandem jump, or even alone if you’ve had experience in the past. Some of the most outstanding locations to give skydiving a go are across Britain, and companies such as Into the Blue have deals all over the country.

Let’s calm it down a bit though and step away from the more thrill indulgent ideas, not every bucket list item to be crazy and get the adrenaline pumping – it might just be something you’ve always wanted to do and need the kick to get it done. For example, something inspirational like finish writing that book you started years ago, or turn your skills into something marketable and start an eBook. It might even simply be a life goal you want to achieve such as owning your own home in a certain place or settling down with a family; a bucket list doesn’t need to be confined to one off experiences.