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NEW 101 Things

This was a 101 Things list I did years ago, and unfortunately did not finish it. I have plans to reevaluate and come up with a brand new list of things to try for 2020! I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I also want to use this as a lesson that if you don't end up doing everything, take joy in what you were able to do, reconsider your goals, and start again!


You I am adding some of the things from the previous list that I have not yet done, and I'm going to still do my best to accomplish them before March 1, 2014. Being that it's almost the new year though, I wanted to make a new 101 Things list that ran from Jan 1, 2014 to Jan 1, 2017 instead. Items with an ** mean they are from the previous list and were not completed on time last time.

  1. Watch all the movies on the IMDB Top 250 (9 left but hard to find)
  2. Go to a Texans game
  3. Travel outside the continental US (international or Alaska)
  4. Go to a Dynamo game **
  5. Get a pic with a zoo/aquarium animal
  6. Run with the bulls
  7. Rappel (ie Over the Edge)
  8. Do the Polar Plunge
  9. Become an Intermediate or higher level in French or Spanish **
  10. Golf
  11. Walk in the AIDS walk
  12. Sew a quilt **
  13. Ride on a segway **
  14. Milk a cow **
  15. Do 100 Random Acts of Kindness
  16. Do a photo scavenger hunt
  17. Do a karaoke rap **
  18. Ride in a helicopter **
  19. Ride paddleboats
  20. Ride on a train
  21. Go to a drag show **
  22. Go to a religious service for 5 different faiths/denominations
  23. Read 4 religious texts
  24. Eat squirrel meat **
  25. Give Free Hugs 
  26. Read 75 new books 
  27. Go to a concert of a band I've never seen before (Maroon 5)
  28. Binge watch 5 TV shows I've never watched (Sherlock, Survivors, Revolution, Hannibal, Black Sails)
  29. Go to a hookah bar
  30. Be in a parade
  31. Go to a painting class
  32. Make and drink hooch **
  33. See a large bat colony
  34. Meet Toro the Texans mascot
  35. Meet 3 "Houston famous" people (ie sports star, Joel Osteen, etc) Met JJ Watt, Case Keenum, Mike Iscovitz, Rekha Muddaraj, Rob Wu, Shern-Min Chow, Craig Hvalaty, Juan Carlos, and Grav3yard Girl!
  36. Eat at Aura (shut down before I could, but I did eat at Hoggs and Chicks, which is another restaurant owned by the same people.)
  37. Have a picture go "viral" with over 100k shares
  38. Go on a cruise
  39. Take a Reiki class
  40. Get reiki done on myself
  41. Speak in a fake accent for a whole day
  42. Get a new tattoo
  43. Go to the planetarium
  44. Skateboard **
  45. Learn the Thriller dance **
  46. Go on a road trip
  47. Watch a soccer game at a British pub
  48. Have boudoir pics done
  49. Float in a sensory deprivation tank
  50. Visit 5 new museums (The British Museum, The Louvre, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum)
  51. Go to Comicpalooza/Comicon
  52. Build a one week stockpile for each of us in case of emergency/hurricane
  53. Bet on a dog race
  54. Go to a murder mystery dinner
  55. Go to a midnight movie release
  56. Check 5 new foods off my list(s) (tarantula, bee, kopi luwak, horse, zebra)
  57. See a sky full of stars
  58. Do a Course in Miracles
  59. See a chiropractor
  60. Take a beekeeping class
  61. Watch rugby
  62. Go caroling
  63. Go fruit/berry picking
  64. Eat oysters at Gilhooleys
  65. Get a new hairstyle
  66. Eat at 10 new restaurants
  67. Volunteer somewhere
  68. Give 10 new Kiva loans (3 so far)
  69. See 10 new movies at the movie theater (Nebraska, Godzilla 3D, Into the Storm, Interstellar, San Andreas, Jurassic World, Inside Out, Everest 3D, Mockingjay, Star Wars, The Revenant)
  70. Ride something at the Kemah Boardwalk or Galveston Pleasure Pier
  71. Rock climb **
  72. Do a port of Houston boat tour
  73. Get a Henna Tattoo
  74. Make pavlova
  75. Go to a festival
  76. Play a didgeridoo
  77. Take my precepts officially **
  78. Give something up for Lent (soft drinks)
  79. Hold a LIVE spider **
  80. Perform a wedding
  81. Go to the symphony/opera/theater
  82. Release sky lanterns
  83. Have a family portrait done
  84. Complete 5 pinterest projects
  85. Try 10 new drinks (red wine spritzer, kopi luwak, stella artois cider, lambic beer)
  86. Take a tour (Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath and the Paris Catacombs)
  87. Order 10 new menu items at restaurants
  88. Watch a car race
  89. Dress up fancy and go somewhere mundane **
  90. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years **
  91. Have a great credit score
  92. Learn 5 yoga poses
  93. Can some food
  94. Be a clown
  95. Do a police ride-along
  96. Finish a "wreck this journal"
  97. Drink Kopi Luwak
  98. Watch 100 new movies
  99. Do a ghost investigation
  100. Complete the 5000 question survey
  101. Visit a historical monument/site (Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower)