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Achievable Bucket List

I've read bucket list books and sites looking for inspiration, but most of the time you'd need an infinite amount of money and time to travel the world, buy expensive things and an insane amount of talent to achieve all of the goals. Not to mention some are specific to certain areas, genders or ages. I've tried to make a list here that almost anyone can complete if they are motivated to expanding their horizons and getting out of their comfort zones. Some may not be for everyone, such as those in very rural areas, people with alcohol issues, people with limited mobility and those with very limited funds. Feel free to skip whatever you are unable to do and choose what fits you. I highly recommend not just doing the things you are comfortable with, though, as doing things you aren't comfortable with usually end up being the best things you do.  You don't need to try to do all of these things in one year. Set a goal of 10, 15, even 20 years if you have to, but the more things you try to accomplish, the more you will change your life for the better!

  1. Create your own bucket list of at least 100 things you want to do before you die
  2. Be a tourist in your own city
  3. Spend the day at a spa
  4. Adopt a shelter animal
  5. Participate in Free Hugs
  6. Volunteer your time at a shelter, or other worthy cause
  7. Go on a ghost hunt
  8. Do 50 random acts of kindness
  9. Take a flying lesson or discovery flight
  10. Watch every movie on the imdb top 250 list
  11. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  12. Visit 5 different museums
  13. Try 15 types of ethnic cuisine
  14. Ride a skateboard
  15. Knit something
  16. Get a massage
  17. Take public transportation
  18. Sing karaoke in public
  19. Feed animals at the zoo
  20. Order room service
  21. Ride in a canoe and/or kayak
  22. Go caroling
  23. Sew something wearable
  24. Throw someone a surprise party
  25. Ice skate
  26. Roller blade
  27. Ride a segway
  28. Get a makeover at a salon
  29. Sponsor a child
  30. Name a star
  31. Go to a comedy club
  32. Learn and perform a magic trick
  33. Bake cookies for your neighbors, co-workers, etc
  34. Take a cooking lesson
  35. Learn to make one really nice meal from scratch
  36. Create your own personal recipe book
  37. Shoot a gun
  38. Shoot a bow and arrow
  39. Give up meat (for at least a week)
  40. Write letters to 5 people who positively influenced you
  41. Tour a factory
  42. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  43. Host a dinner party
  44. Pay the toll for the car behind you
  45. Take a bubblebath by candlelight with champagne, wine or sparkling cider
  46. Go on a hayride
  47. Wish upon a star
  48. Play the lotto
  49. Take a lesson to play a musical instrument
  50. Learn to swim
  51. Identify 10 constellations
  52. Drive or ride on a motorcyle
  53. Climb a rock wall
  54. Climb a tree
  55. Toss a coin into a fountain
  56. Send postcards from your home city
  57. Join postcrossing and collect postcards
  58. Vote
  59. Sell something online
  60. Visit a nursing home
  61. Play chess
  62. Eat caviar, brie, and lobster
  63. Play golf
  64. Become an ordained minister
  65. Speak in a foreign accent for a whole day
  66. Build a snow, sand or dirt man
  67. Read a holy book from cover to cover
  68. Meditate
  69. Make and bury a time capsule
  70. Take a jumping pic
  71. Write your will
  72. Plan your own funeral
  73. Host a scavenger hunt
  74. Take the scenic route
  75. Buy stock
  76. Ride in a limo
  77. Paint a picture
  78. Get a caricature done of yourself
  79. Go to a religious service of another faith
  80. Learn to say hello in 26 languages
  81. Shop on Black Friday
  82. Get a complete physical done with blood work
  83. Get an adjustment from a chiropractor
  84. Get hypnotized
  85. Have a past life regression session
  86. Dress up fancy and go somewhere mundane
  87. Play darts
  88. Play pool/billiards
  89. Bet on a horse or dog race
  90. Play poker
  91. See a play/musical
  92. Change a flat tire
  93. Donate blood
  94. Register for
  95. Become an organ donor
  96. Learn a dance
  97. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  98. Take a class on Craftsy
  99. Ban negativity from your life
  100. Do "it" in public
  101. Zipline
  102. Jump off a diving board
  103. Slide down a waterslide
  104. Ride a rollercoaster
  105. Send a care package
  106. Thank a veteran
  107. Carve a pumpkin
  108. Be passionate about a worthy cause
  109. Be passionate about a sports team
  110. Be someone's biggest fan
  111. Plant a tree
  112. Geocache
  113. Plant a garden
  114. Paint a room purple, hot pink or neon green
  115. Host a theme party
  116. Have a signature look
  117. Have a cool nickname
  118. Attach notes to balloons and release them
  119. Get a tan
  120. Grow your hair long
  121. Cut your hair really short
  122. Start a blog
  123. Speak pig latin
  124. Do a charity walk/run
  125. Make s'mores over a campfire
  126. Go camping
  127. Get something pierced
  128. Get a tattoo
  129. Get something besides your eyebrows waxed
  130. Try out for a reality show
  131. Decorate your yard for a holiday or occasion
  132. Take a CPR class
  133. Make something out of clay
  134. Go bowling
  135. Go to a concert for a band or singer you've never heard of
  136. Watch a Shirley Temple movie
  137. Make homemade ice cream
  138. Make homemade root beer
  139. Go to the opera
  140. Mosh
  141. Release sky lanterns
  142. Play the harmonica
  143. Read a classic novel
  144. Take a day trip someplace new
  145. Learn to make a good mixed drink
  146. Have a signature drink
  147. Take a tennis lesson
  148. Hire a maid for a least one day
  149. Write a letter to an editor
  150. Write a letter to a senator/congressperson
  151. Sign a petition
  152. Start a petition
  153. Listen to the other political party with an open mind
  154. Write a poem
  155. Research your family tree
  156. Ask your elders to write down their stories for you, or write them down for them. If you don't have elders, write your stories down for future generations
  157. Attend a professional sports game
  158. Attend a minor or little league game
  159. Sew a memory quilt
  160. Tour a vineyard
  161. Do a wine tasting
  162. Eat at a fancy restaurant
  163. Eat with chopsticks
  164. Write down your dreams for at least one week
  165. Sleep on a satin pillowcase
  166. Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  167. Try to juggle
  168. Start a campfire
  169. BBQ with charcoal
  170. Buy something for a stranger off their wish list/registry
  171. Leave an inspirational message on a sticky note in a bathroom or public place
  172. Write to a celebrity
  173. Be a pen pal
  174. Complete a crossword puzzle without cheating
  175. Make reservations
  176. Use the valet service
  177. Bleach or dye your hair, or wear clip on hair extensions
  178. Sleep under the stars
  179. Listen to classical, new age, jazz and world music for one hour each or longer
  180. Try to break a world record
  181. Study a foreign language
  182. Send someone flowers, just because
  183. Continue your education
  184. Busk
  185. Sell avon
  186. Complete a couch to 5k challenge
  187. Eat a pickle pop
  188. Try 10 new restaurants
  189. Go to a festival
  190. Make something out of duct tape
  191. Take an art class
  192. Watch a movie outdoors
  193. Take a hike
  194. Picnic in the park
  195. Eat food from a street vendor
  196. Do something that completely terrifies you
  197. Learn to love yourself
  198. Listen to a radio station you don't normally listen to for a day
  199. Choose different pizza toppings
  200. Make and decorate gingerbread men
  201. Create passive income
  202. Watch a game at a pub
  203. Quit a bad habit in 21 days
  204. Bake homemade bread
  205. Crochet
  206. Ride a horse
  207. Go to the symphony
  208. Win something
  209. Memorize "Who's on First"
  210. Tie a tie
  211. Learn to play something on the piano and/or guitar
  212. Learn and use the envelope system of paying bills
  213. Star gaze
  214. Smoke a fancy cigar
  215. Master the art of self confidence
  216. Hand write letters to your friends and mail them
  217. Have nice undergarments
  218. Take a great picture, print it, frame it and hang it on the wall
  219. Watch at least one game of soccer, hockey, and cricket
  220. Cheer wildly
  221. See a foreign film at the theater
  222. Wear a crazy hat out in public
  223. Feed the ducks
  224. Spend the day at the beach or lake
  225. Completely plan your dream home down to the fine details
  226. Play truth or dare
  227. Follow people who inspire you on Twitter and/or Facebook
  228. Go somewhere where you are the minority
  229. Learn the origins of the holidays you celebrate
  230. Hold the door open for strangers
  231. Join a club or team
  232. Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale
  233. Start a collection
  234. Contribute to someone's kickstarter
  235. Donate to an animal shelter
  236. Write a note and leave it in a library book
  237. Make a giant rubber band ball
  238. Get a mani/pedi
  239. Share your wisdom with someone
  240. Walk in the rain
  241. Fast for a few days
  242. Start a retirement fund
  243. Eat something really crazy
  244. Have the restaurant staff sing to you for your birthday
  245. Learn self defense
  246. Learn 5 or more yoga poses
  247. Compost
  248. Recycle
  249. Start a scrapbook with mementos and souvenirs
  250. Stay in a bed and breakfast
  251. Play relaxing sounds or music as you sleep
  252. Nap in a hammock
  253. Write a list of everything you're grateful for
  254. Imagine you won $5 million, and plan what you would spend it on down to the penny
  255. Buy something from an auction
  256. Start a fan page for someone or something, doesn't have to be a celebrity!
  257. Toast to something with champagne or sparkling cider
  258. Get a book signed by the author
  259. Visit a different state, country or province
  260. Do the Clean Sweep test and try to improve your score
  261. Donate 10,000 grains of rice on Free Rice
  262. Give a loan on Kiva
  263. Do a 365 day photo project
  264. Make an origami crane
  265. Try 25 new recipes
  266. Order something different off the menu
  267. Visit a farmer's market
  268. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual
  269. Boycott something
  270. Send a post card to Post Secret
  271. Ask an elderly person to tell you a story
  272. Ask a child to teach you a song
  273. Flirt with someone
  274. Go bike riding
  275. Beat a video game
  276. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
  277. Pick up litter
  278. Play Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Band Hero
  279. Spend the day watching cartoons
  280. Enter a writing contest
  281. Go surfing, sledding or 4-wheeling
  282. Have professional pictures taken
  283. Raise butterflies, tadpoles, praying mantii or  have an ant farm
  284. Cut down on or give up caffeine
  285. Donate some money each month to your favorite charity
  286. Start watching a tv show you've never seen before
  287. Try a new hairstyle
  288. Watch a car race
  289. Have an emergency fund
  290. Build up a one month food stockpile
  291. Drink only water for a week
  292. Buy a word of the day calendar and learn a new word every day
  293. Try a different type of coffee, tea, soft drink, beer, or mixed drink
  294. Try kombucha tea or kefir
  295. Find the coolest thing in your city and photograph it
  296. Take a photo from a skyscraper or tallest building you can find
  297. Give someone else a massage
  298. Watch a movie marathon
  299. Pick your own fruit
  300. Take a photography class
  301. Watch a documentary
  302. Write a letter for future generations to read
  303. Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years
  304. Forgive others
  305. Forgive yourself
  306. Have a hot stone massage
  307. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
  308. Try 10 new fruits/berries/veggies
  309. Try juicing or make smoothies
  310. Get lost on purpose
  311. Have a water balloon/water gun fight
  312. Think of something you are grateful for every morning when you wake up for at least a week
  313. Make a dream board
  314. Change a diaper
  315. Know what you like and not be afraid to articulate it
  316. Learn to properly use basic hand and power tools
  317. Use a soldering iron
  318. Do a home repair project yourself
  319. Learn basic car maintenance
  320. Be interviewed on video
  321. Build and fly a kite
  322. Jumpstart a car
  323. Have your home safety inspected
  324. Make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherproofed
  325. Be a FLYlady (or FLYguy) for at least a week
  326. Clip coupons
  327. Find the event calendar for your city, or a bigger city nearby, and make note of the fun stuff coming up you can do. Set reminders to do them!
  328. Use reusable grocery bags
  329. Take a morning jog
  330. Create an alter-ego
  331. Say YES more often
  332. Say NO more often
  333. Haggle
  334. Take a vow of silence (for at least an hour)
  335. Play a prank on someone
  336. Break a superstition
  337. Realize how beautiful/attractive you are
  338. Do your own taxes
  339. Go a full day without spending any money
  340. Eat nothing but fresh food for a week
  341. Make a blessings jar
  342. Go mirrorless for a day
  343. Sit in a sauna
  344. Find someone with your same name
  345. Do a cleanse
  346. Bake a cake
  347. Learn the janitor's name
  348. Write to your hero
  349. Do bookcrossing
  350. Create a budget
  351. Go on a news fast
  352. Start a gratitude journal
  353. Make something out of paper mache
  354. Write down your regrets then flush or burn them
  355. Apologize
  356. Have a catchphrase
  357. Get to know your neighbors
  358. Get a mammogram or prostate exam
  359. Give up TV for a week
  360. Go commando
  361. Write your personal manifesto
  362. Eat at a restaurant alone
  363. Go to the movies alone
  364. Tell a joke on open mic night
  365. Make fresh squeezed juice
  366. Get someone to help you pick out new clothes
  367. Shop at a resale clothing store
  368. Get properly fitted for clothes/bra/etc
  369. Delete your social media profiles for at least a week
  370. Have a passionate love affair (your spouse counts! Don't cheat!)
  371. Pay off your debt
  372. Make rock candy/crystals
  373. Have at least one really nice outfit for special occasions
  374. Go on evening walks
  375. Hit a baseball
  376. Dribble a basketball and shoot a goal
  377. Throw a football in a spiral
  378. Kick a goal with a soccer ball
  379. Get a facial
  380. Buy something from an infomercial
  381. Make homemade pickles
  382. Host a game night
  383. Memorize a great joke
  384. Know your limits
  385. Ask for a raise
  386. Listen to someone worse off than you
  387. Write thank you notes
  388. Get tested
  389. Open your chakras
  390. Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
  391. Be a clown for a day
  392. Learn how to make balloon animals
  393. Participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen
  394. Spend a day giving high fives to everyone you see
  395. Compliment 20+ people in one day
  396. Learn to sew something
  397. Learn to knit and/or crochet
  398. Read 100 of the greatest books ever written 


  1. Who ever did this, thank youvery much. You helped me do my 1000 things to do in my life list.

    1. Hi I am also putting together a list. What are your 1000?

    2. Hi I am also putting together a list. What are your 1000?

  2. I can see that everything is achievable and would like to try some of it starting tom

  3. I work for a Marriott property in Michigan, I found another person with my name at another Marriott property in Florida. Weird.

  4. Thank you so much. Before this list, most of my bucket list was expensive travel.

  5. Thank you for this list. I'm young poor and have a bad leg from a car wreck so this is by far the best bucket list ever. I've bookmarked it so I can come back and try some of these. I have made my own banana bread (tried to find a way to use up my rotting bananas) and have three tattoos (butterfly above breast, "angel" on upper back, and a cute purple cat on my good leg). I've also adopted many cats. I love them. ^.^

    1. Congrats on accomplishing items of the list and sorry about your leg. I am making a list of things to do before I'm 30. I'm 26 and a half! I too am poor. Everytime I see bucket lists they seem slightly unfathomable. Like Dr Peggy said, it's often expensive travel. I added some of these items to my list of things for before I'm 30. I did not add tattoo, but something about your "cute purple cat" makes me think maybe I should give it a go. Obviously, I would come up with my own thing to get, but yeah. : )

    2. Guys & girls, I came to #100 and was in tears. By 398 i was sobbing like a baby at my desk. Thank you for helping me to put my own list together complete with mundane and difficult things to do. But thank you for helping me see how blessed I already am because half the things on your list is ticked already... and i will do them again just for the sake of doing them again! Blessings always from a rainy South Thailand summers day

  6. This is an awesome list! I'll definately be using some of these for my bucket list on my blog. :)

  7. I wouldn't say that everything on that list was achievable but it was still great and I used some for my list.

  8. This list is just awesome!. I used some for my list and I did around 50 of these things in my life and looking forward to do the rest

  9. I love this! Definitely going to make my own list using some of these! xD

  10. thanks a lot for the inspiration, added some to mine ;)

  11. I will add this or some of them to my list! Thanks!

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  13. One more thing to keep your bucket list achievable to to make it available at your finger tips.. all you need to do is to log them on MySolace allows you to assign each item to a friend to be completed on your behalf.. You or your friend can access your bucket list and update the completion date information from anywhere you are as long as you have your computer and your internet access!!

  14. I love this list! Thanks for inspiring me and helping me remember some of the things I've wanted to do. Super creative ideas!

  15. I honestly loved this list. :) I have to get to at least a 100 solo yeah. Thank you a lot.

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  17. Some great ideas!! Thank you. I do take issue with betting on dog races. I think they should be illegal.

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  19. It should include busting the folks hacking into my network. Its on my list

  20. What a fantastic list!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post this. Travel is all well and good, but these are the types of things that I was looking for. Many of these can be done while on chemo. Thank you!

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