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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Malawi's Pizza with a Purpose

During the latter months of the year many people are on the look out for ways they can give back and do some good while they're celebrating the holidays. I recently discovered a fun restaurant in my area, where you can help the less fortunate and enjoy some amazing food at the same time. I was invited a bit over a week ago to try Malawi's Pizza at a private event they were holding to celebrate having donated over one million meals (Yes, you read that correctly!) to hungry children in the African country of Malawi from the sales of their food from their pizza restaurant chain. It's in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City Texas, on the Southwest side of Houston, and I drive by it often but hadn't had the chance to stop by yet, so I jumped at the chance.

The ambiance is just breath taking, with African art and even an acacia tree in the middle of the restaurant. As my husband and I sampled dish after dish, we were able to listen to the owner of the Sienna (and soon-to-be Katy, TX), franchise, Cheryl Franco, speak about how Malawi's Pizza got its start, after co-founder Blake Roney had taken a humanitarian trip to Malawi and witnessed the poverty there, with almost 3 million people struggling with hunger. He teamed up with chef Kent Anderson to provide a way to help feed the children in a regular, and sustained way. With the Meal-for-Meal Exchange program the company is able to deliver nutrient-dense meals to children and families in villages throughout Malawi. Local franchise owners Cheryl and Frank Franco have also been giving back in the area, donating meals, money and supplies to first responders, community groups, and local charities as well as volunteering at the Sienna Shared Blessings Warehouse nearby in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

 Of course as wonderful as all the giving back is, it doesn't mean much if the food isn't good, right? Well, don't worry, I tried almost everything they had to offer and it's all delicious. If you've ever seen the episode of Friends where Joey says there are no unselfish good deeds because of the pleasure we get from doing them, well, eating at Malawi's Pizza is one of those good deeds that is so pleasurable it's hard not to forget you're helping others at the same time.
Dining at Malawi's Pizza is absolutely an experience for the Houston Bucket List, and I'll leave it up to you whether you file that under food or charity.

If you want to stay up to date on specials and more at Malawi’s Pizza, follow them on Facebook at or on Instagram at @malawipizzasienna

*I was invited to try Malawi's Pizza for free in exchange for my honest opinion.*