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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Riding on a Motorcycle

My friend Roy brought his motorcycle to the party I mentioned in my moonshine post. He knew it was on my bucket list and surprised me with a ride. I've witnessed a deadly motorcycle accident in the past so I have always been skiddish about them, but I trusted Roy completely. It was a lot of fun! The best part though, I unfortunately did not get on video! After the ride was done, I was explaining in the backyard to the others that at one point in the ride Roy was saying something to me and I couldn't hear him. After about the 7th time I finally heard him shout LEAN! I demonstrated to everyone how I leaned over when he said it, and I fell completely out of my chair, drink and all. Ha!


  1. THAT (if video'd) would have been hilarious and I didn't want to LOL when you did it but it was priceless!

  2. So Cool! I'm gonna add this one to my neverending Bucket List!!!