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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Touch the Berlin Wall

Fortunately, (since I have no travel budget currently, or unfortunately since I really love travel), I didn't even have to leave my city for this one. I'd known for awhile there was a piece of the Berlin Wall here in Houston, but I wasn't sure where exactly to find it. A good friend of mine works at Rice University and offered me a tour of the campus. While we were there, he said, I could see the piece of the wall. Awesome! I wondered if, perhaps, the wall was behind glass, or roped off, but no, it was out in the open for anyone to touch or pose for pictures with. I had my two youngest children with me, who had no idea what the big deal was about the big piece of concrete, but I made them touch it and pose with me anyways. Someday, I told them, they would know how significant that wall was, and how amazing it was they got to touch it.

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