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Monday, January 13, 2014

St Arnold's Bentley Ride probably a no go

This summer I went on a tour of the St Arnold's Brewery, which was amazing. The owner has a Bentley painted with the St Arnold's logo that sits outside. During the tour I asked if there was any way I could get a ride in it, and the tour guide said it was a real possibility. Apparently the owner gives people rides for special occasions and I would need to message him and let him know about my special occasion to arrange a ride. My 20th wedding anniversary with my husband is January 15th so I sent the owner a few messages letting him know about it and how much I would love to ride in the Bentley for my Houston Bucket List also. I thought a 20th wedding anniversary is pretty special, but maybe the owner is just busy or no longer doing the rides. I never heard anything back, and my anniversary is in just a few days, so I am assuming it is not going to happen. Regardless I loved my tour of St Arnold Brewery, and still happily support them and recommend other Houstonians to also do the tour. Maybe another time, right?

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