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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fandom #2 The Rodeo and Insect Pizza

No matter what kind of music you listen to, if you are a Houstonian, you have to visit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. A lot of people think it's just for those who are into Country and Western, but as a life long lover of rock, alternative and yes, even some rap and a husband who is metal all the way, we know there is a little something for everyone.

Last night we attended the Maroon 5 concert, which is a favorite band of mine. As much fun as it was watching Adam Levine, the real fun is the carnival. There are lots of rides, ziplining, a giant ferris wheel, games, and of course, the food. Once I mentioned on my Facebook page  that I was going to the rodeo, I immediately had people telling me I just HAD to try the bug pizza. There's a food stall close to the camel rides that sells mostly normal pizzas, but with three very interesting specialties. Cricket, mealworm, and scorpion pizza. We arrived a bit early before the show so I could find the place, but as it happened, it was fairly easy to locate.
I walked up to the stand and proudly asked the server for one of each. He gave me a grin and seemed very happy to give me my order. I leaned over and watched what was going on behind the scenes, and saw him grab three giant slices of cheese pizza, open up packets of insects, and place them on top of the pizza. These weren't small slices, and for $8 a slice I would hope they wouldn't be. As he handed me the plates I asked him if very many people ordered the bugs. He replied oh yes! I asked if many -women- ordered them and he laughed and told me I was only the third that he knew of. Where are all my brave Houston women?

We sat at a bench close by and I proceeded to taste test my dinner. I attracted a small crowd as other people sitting around me were very curious about the insects. I took a bite of each slice, with a beautiful, juicy bug right in the center of each bite. Truth be told, they all tasted like regular pizza. The taste of the sauce overpowered any insecty taste that might've been there. The scorpion was easy to chew, also. I've had them before that the shells were too hard to bite through.

In a fun twist, a random stranger named Jabari showed some interest in trying a bug, and I was more than happy to oblige him. He seemed hesitant at first, but he popped in a cricket and .... it wasn't that bad! I love when I get to see people prepare themselves for something gross then realize it really isn't gross. I also enticed my children to try the scorpion. They've all tried bugs and various weird dishes before, but they were curious what scorpion would be like. They seemed to think it tasted like candy. I'm not sure if I agree with that, but they insist.

What do you think? Would you dare to try the insect pizza? If so, which one?

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