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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fandom #3 - World of Beer Sugarland TX

This one would seem pretty strange to people who know me well, because I'm not a beer drinker. My husband Mason is the beer guy in the house. When I saw World of Beer was opening up a location in Sugar Land by First Colony Mall, I knew he was going to love it. His birthday was on March 15th, and I thought

what better place to celebrate than there? Mason loves trying new beer almost as much as I love trying new crazy food. Lucky for him, WOB boasts an impressive amount of beer from all over the world, over 500 of them actually, to keep him busy for quite some time.

 The part that caught my eye, however, was their loyalty program. For only $10 you can join the club, get a loyalty card and a great t-shirt. For every NEW beer you order, you will receive points. For every so many points, you get perks. What a great way to get people to try new things! I immediately thought, what a wonderful bucket list item that would make for beer lovers. Try 100, 200 or even all 500 different beer selections at World of Beer! I began speaking to our beautiful bartender (or Beerista as I called her) about it and she asked if I'd like to try some for myself. I told her I wasn't a beer fan, but she insisted she had something even I would like. I knew it was a hopeless endeavor, but since the samples of their draught beers are free, I figured why not. She gave me a little bit of a raspberry lambic beer and wow, that actually WAS good! She smiled and offered me a Stella Artois Cider. Again, yum! I never in a million years would've guessed I could find something I enjoyed at HOB, but thanks to Layla, I did. She, and shift manager Jose, also helped Mason find some beers he greatly enjoyed based on his current favorites like Guinness and Heineken. He ended up with three of his own different beers on his loyalty card, as well as mine. You see, if you are really striving for the loyalty perks, you can do a little bit of fair cheating. If you bring friends who try new beers, you can put it all on your loyalty card and have it count for you. Also, I was informed that, for instance, Guinness Draught and Guinness in a bottle will count as two different beers and Guinness dark, light and other variations of the same type of beer also count separately. A nice little way to pad your numbers with your favorites. In case you're worried about remembering what you've had and haven't tried, yes, there is an app for that.
While you're knocking back a few new drinks, there are a multitude of television screens to watch the game. Jose was nice enough to switch the screen in front of us to the game we were most interested in, which was very nice. I inquired about the little stage and was informed that they have live bands come in and play at night. I am making it a point to catch one soon. They also have trivia nights, a cornhole game, jenga, and

other fun things that can only be more fun with friends and beer. If you get hungry, there's a menu of typical tavern food available. Sandwiches, onion rings, hummus, shrimp, steak and more. I had the shrimp and it was oh so good!
If you enjoy trying new things, good beer, and fun or if you're like me and never thought you would like the taste of any beer but you're willing to let WOB show you how wrong you are, come on out to World of Beer, located just outside First Colony Mall. Tell them the Houston Bucket Lister says hello!


  1. Hey Marsha,
    I really like your blog..... miss reading your post. Hope you are well.
    Pam L.

    1. There wasn't a lot going on for me bucket list wise in April, but I just updated with something AMAZING that happened Friday night! Thank you so much for letting me know you are interested in my posts <3