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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The End of 101 Things #1

The deadline for completing my first 101 Things list came and went on Saturday March 1st. It was a mad scramble to fit in a few last minute things that I had put off too long.

Such as -

Dressing up fancy and going somewhere mundane. I bought the dress for this at Goodwill at least a year ago, but I had always planned for a group of my friends and I to all dress up like it's prom and go out together. Unfortunately no one could ever go at the same time, and some people would be upset if we went when they couldn't go, so I finally just did it alone. We woke up at 5am and I started getting dressed. Iwanted to do my hair really big for this, but it was too early and I was very tired. This was the best I could do that early on a weekend.
Our original plan was to go to a Waffle House and eat breakfast, but we weren't able to find one. Mason was running late, as he was going to Dallas with his brother in just over an house, so we pulled in to the first McDonald's we could find instead. Mason took pictures but did not dress up. I wanted him to at first, but then I realized it was even funnier that I looked so dressy and he didn't. I wonder where people thought we were going or had been? McDonald's was pretty packed at 7am, and we ate inside, so I got plenty of very strange looks. No one said anything. I was expecting someone to ask me what I was dressed up for.

After breakfast I still needed stamps for the other projects on my agenda, so we headed over to HEB (a local grocery store for my non-Texans). Some strange looks again from the workers and other shoppers, but no one said anything.

Mason dropped me back home and left to go to Dallas, and I began the next few items. First, I wrote letters to 5 people who had positively influenced me in my life. A couple of them were no-brainers, like my Aunt Brenda, my favorite Aunt who was really great to me as a child, and an former school teacher who had instilled confidence in me and helped me believe in myself. I was afraid that choosing one person and not another would hurt a lot of feelings, but in the end I went with my gut. The people I chose actually did have an positive impact in my life, not to say anyone else did not, and I am happy with my decision. 

Along the same lines, I finally made a postcard to send off to Post Secret as well. If you don't know about Post Secret, it's a community where people anonymously send in postcards with a secret on it. Every Sunday some of these are added to their blog. Sometimes they are pretty depressing, sometimes uplifting, but either way they give a great insight into humanity. I don't know if mine will ever be chosen, but that's okay. I put it off for so long because I could never find a postcard that really fit with what my secret was. I ended up going to Walmart and buying a Greetings from Houston, TX one, then taking it home and gluing cut out pictures from magazines all over it that fit the theme. I'm not going to post the front here, as proud as I am of my cut and glue job, because it just won't feel like a secret anymore if I do. Here's the back - 

And last, but definitely not least, the most embarrassing thing I've ever done. A karaoke rap in public. I put this one off because I wanted to go to a proper karaoke bar and do some rap at night, in a crowded place, after I had a legitimate amount of drinks in me. Alas, it didn't work out that way and I was facing a deadline with nowhere to go. I thought to myself, well, I didn't say it had to be at a bar, right? What is more public than the internet? I sucked up my pride and decided to record myself doing a rap. I tried California Love by Tupac first but it didn't sound right. I went with Ice Cube's Today Was a Good Day (no, it didn't sound great, but better at least) and recorded it at least 15 times before I kept the final one. I messed up in it too, but I was just tired of doing it at that point. It's not like anyone was going to be impressed by my rap skills regardless. I'm really bad at it. Like, really, really bad. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your lists. 

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